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Dog Waste and Health Risks





Pet waste infects children and adults with disease-causing bacteria and parasites. It also spreads diseases between pets. When pet poop is not disposed of properly, not only does water quality and pet health suffer, but our health may be at risk too. Pets and children who play in yards or in parks where pets defecate are most at risk for infection from disease-causing bacteria and parasites found in pet waste. Here are some diseases that can be passed from pet waste to humans:

Campylobacteriosis - a bacterial infection carried by dogs and cats that frequently causes diarrhea in humans.

Salmonellosis - the most common bacterial infection transmitted to humans by other animals.

Toxocariasis - roundworms usually transmitted from dogs to humans.

Toxoplasmosis - a parasite carried by cats that can cause birth defects if a woman becomes infected during pregnancy.

Understanding and Preventing Human/Animal Diseases
Article from petsmart.com

Prevention of Diseases Transmitted in Wastes
Besides cleaning up your Pet's droppings, there are a few simple precautions you should take and should teach your children.

Wash your hands after contact with soil where an animal may have relieved itself. Avoid going barefoot in areas where an animal may have relieved itself, particularly in warm climates, where hookworms flourish.

Remind children to wash their hands before eating and not to put their hands in their mouths while playing with animals or on potentially contaminated grounds. Teach them all other precautions as well.

If your dog has gone swimming or wading in a pond or creek that could be harboring leptospirosis, give it a bath.


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