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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Wholly Krap do?
Wholly Krap is Houston’s Professional Canine Waste Removal Co. We are dedicated to home owners and their pets, by helping them have a happier and healthier place to live. Wholly Krap arrives, cleans, and removes all of the dog waste from Houston’s residential and commercial properties.

Why should I hire a Professional Waste Removal Service?
Dog waste is unsightly, smelly, and makes your yard virtually unusable for kids playing, adult parties, and all around family enjoyment.

  • Dog waste can be tracked into your house and car, not to mention on your shoes.
  • Dog waste attracts flies as well as other pests.
  • Parents who want to safeguard their children from the many health risks associated with dog feces.
  • If left to accumulate, it not only becomes a nuisance for you, but also for your neighbors.

Who uses such a service?
Our clients consist of large and small families, single parents, working moms, busy professionals, the elderly or the disabled, that do not have the time or desire to consistently pick up after their pets.

How much does it cost?

Do I have to sign a long term contract?
No. We do not require any contracts. You can cancel at any time.

Is there an extra charge for a first time cleaning, or for an extra large yard?
There is an extra charge for a first time cleaning, only if the yard has a large amount of waste accumulation. If you have an extra large property, we will come out and give you a free quote.

What do you do with the waste?
The waste is double bagged, taken off of your property and away from you.

Do I have to be home when you clean my yard?
No, however we will need access to your yard. If your dog is outside, and is hostile, we will need him/her kept inside on your service day. If not, we can easily work with them in the yard. If you have a lock on the gate, most clients provide us with a key or simply remember to unlock the gate that day.

What if I want to skip a day?
Just call our office at least one day in advance and you will not be charged that day.

What about bad weather and holidays?
Bad weather is a part of life, yet we usually can work through it. Rain is not a problem for us. If the weather becomes too bad, we will call it off until the next possible day. If no service is performed that week, you will not be billed for that week.

How exactly do you clean up?
We use special rakes, shovels, and lobby pans.. tools to help us do our job quickly and efficiently. For your dog’s protection and your peace of mind, we disinfect all tools and boots with a cleaning solution after every stop, and before entering your yard.

How will I know it is you in my yard?
Our people can be visually identified because they wear a brightly colored long sleeve or short sleeve Polo style golf shirts with the Wholly Krap logo proudly displayed on the chest. The bright yellow caps with our logo are also a dead giveaway. Company vehicles also have the logo on them and are easily noticeable. Wholly Krap reps are very professional and friendly.

Do you offer any discounts?
Yes, we offer the following discounts:
10% discount for senior citizens 65+
10% discount for vetinarians and vet assistants
10% discount for trained police or trained rescue dogs
10% discount for trained assistance dogs
10% discount for SPCA staff, groomers, and pet sitters
(Limited to one discount per yard/not valid with any other special offers)

When and How do I pay Wholly Krap?
Clients will be invoiced by email on the 1st of every month, for that month’s previous work. Payment is due on the 15th of the month. You can use our handy online payment process.

How do I sign up?
You may sign up via our Sign up page or by calling 281.359.DOGS (3647), or by emailing us at info@whollykrap.com

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